Collaboration for the future of open infrastructure

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We recently got back from a trip to the UK where we attended the first European OpenInfra Days in London. An event where open source communities and projects meet, learn and collaborate to define the future of open infrastructure. Here are some of our take aways from the conference on April 1. Openly developing Open Infrastructure Thierry Carrez talked about …

Kickstart your Kubernetes skills!

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Clearly you’ve heard of Kubernetes. Kubernetes has soundly won the container orchestration contest, and if you’re looking to deploy containerized applications, Kubernetes is the way to do it. If you’ve been following the latest developments in OpenStack, you’ve certainly also heard that there is a lot going on on the OpenStack/Kubernetes integration front. (See this Superuser article from February, for …

Quality improvements in City Cloud, Los Angeles zone

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Quality is a key aspect of our service delivery and something that we always strive to maintain in all aspect of our business. We have a total of 8 public cloud zones across the globe and maintaining a certain level of standards is key both for quality, security and many other aspects of our business. Homogenising & increasing compliance As …

The importance of screening your personnel when it comes to data protection

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”We conduct at least as thorough security controls as government agencies” – Kim Hindart, CSO at City Network At the present a lot of sensitive data moves from corporations and government agencies own data centers to cloud providers. This means that more organisations and personnel are involved in security processes, on all levels. It’s not enough that the corporation or …

OpenStack is the enabler of digital transformation

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Earlier this year, 451 Research released a Pathfinder paper ”OpenStack: Enabler of Digital Transformation – How Service Providers Can Benefit”. The paper is commissioned by SUSE and in addition to the key finding revealed by the headline, it details a range of good investment reasons, opportunities and benefits of open source cloud platforms. While the paper is addressing service providers …

Long live the Open Infrastructure Summit

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Last week was all about the OpenStack Summit in Berlin and we have really enjoyed meeting up with the community to live and breathe open source for a full week. The start of this Summit gave some exciting insights on the ongoing transformation within the OpenStack community as we collaborate with more and more adjacent open source technologies all pointing …

Our heroes received the OpenStack Superuser awards at the Berlin Summit!

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This morning our very own OpenStack super heroes received the OpenStack Superuser award at the OpenStack Summit in Berlin. The awards launched in 2014 to recognize organizations that have used OpenStack to meaningfully improve their business while contributing back to the community. Previous winners include AT&T, CERN, China Mobile, Comcast, NTT Group, Paddy Power Betfair and UKCloud. This Summit, the …

Free trials on OpenStack public clouds

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The OpenStack Passport program was created as a collaborative effort between OpenStack public cloud providers to let you experience different flavours of OpenStack in production. Here is how you you can get a free City Cloud trial.