Free trials on OpenStack public clouds

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The OpenStack Passport program was created as a collaborative effort between OpenStack public cloud providers to let you experience different flavours of OpenStack in production. Here is how you you can get a free City Cloud trial.

The Berlin Summit agenda is up and running!

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It’s time to gear up for the upcoming OpenStack Summit in Berlin and we are really excited to meet up with the community this fall. On Tuesday the OpenStack Summit Berlin agenda was announced and what an agenda it is! A special thanks to the programming committee for their hard work. They are the ones who reviewed 750 submissions, from …

Commissioned Data Processing Agreement

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We are continuously taking actions to ensure that we continue to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We recently released our Commissioned Data Processing Agreement (CDPA), an agreement that governs how we process data in accordance with GDPR. It is important to understand the relationship between our mutual responsibilities as user and supplier of cloud services, this …

Our new support packages

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We are continuously improving on our commitment towards our users and over the past years we have focused heavily on the technical aspects of City Cloud. However, all areas of IaaS and the delivery of such a vital part of your business success is important. We have listened to your feedback regarding City Cloud Support and today we are announcing …

Decide what you want to learn – Vote for OpenStack Summit Vancouver Presentations

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The next OpenStack Summit is just around the corner and in just 3 months, thousands of Stackers will gather at the Vancouver Convention Center to learn, teach and discuss the past, present and future of OpenStack. As usual the community decides what content makes the stage and our colleagues have submitted their suggestions. Now it’s your turn, check out our …

The end of the world you say?

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In light of the recent discussion surrounding the vulnerabilities named Meltdown and Spectre I think we should take a step back and look at this with a bit of perspective. Due to a premature disclosure, these vulnerabilities received a lot of media attention and that is good in terms of awareness – and an absolute majority of vulnerable systems will …

A word from the City Network Stackers in Sydney

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Another OpenStack Summit has come to and end and as we rest our tired feet and prepare for the long journey home we all agree upon the fact that we are extremely fortunate to be an important part of this fantastic community. The days we have spent here amongst our fellow community members are invaluable and we all feel that …