Cheaper storage and price changes in City Cloud

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City Cloud celebrates it´s fourth year this year and is the IaaS that has been in service for the longest time in Sweden. During this time a lot if thingshas changed and the markes seems to have matured. As part of the process and constant improvements in our systems we now announce upcoming price changes that will take effect on 1:st of March 2013.

The biggest news relate to actual price changes but we will also change the way we charge for VM´s in City Cloud. We used to (and until 1:st of March, we still do) include the system hard disc as a part of the virtual machine. The size of this disc varies depending on what OS you run since i.e. Windows needs at least 50GB to run properly. To make things easier and much more clear, we separate the cost for storage completely from the VM it self. Storage will now cost ~€ 0,11/GB/month regardless. This also means that you can sum up all your storage and easily understand what that total amount of storage will cost. The current price is ~€ 0,2/GB/month so we drop prices on storage with 50%.

We have always been really generous on data transfer and this is something that we do not intend to change. However we will change the limits to reasonable levels. 1000 GB free data transfer is still included but per account rather than per VM. The effects of this change will not even be noticed since the vast majority of users in City Cloud never use more than 1000 GB anyways. The few that do will be charged for the surplus BUT we are also lowering the price for additional data transfer from € 0,03 per GB to € 0,015 per GB.

From said date we will start charging for IPv4 adresses. Since companies, such as our selves, no longer can apply for these adresses it´s getting more and more important for us to be careful how we ”spend” the ones we have left until we all completely move over to IPv6. All virtual machines already have free IPv6 adresses that you can use. IPv4 adresses however, will cost €1.

The virtual machines in City Cloud will be cheaper but no longer include storage which will be charged separately. With a system disc and an IPv4-adress the prices will still be roughly the same as before. The only difference is that storage will be cheaper. The changes that we make will not only lower our customer´s monthly cost but also make the invoices a lot easier to understand.

Price changes

All prices are  specified excl. VAT

Profile name Price/h ~ price/month
Small 0.0160 11.68
Standard 0.0244 17.81
Standard+ 0.0400 29.2
Medium 0.0558 40.73
Medium+ 0.0869 63.43
Large 0.1183 86.36
Large+ 0.1790 130.67
Superior 0.2078 151.69
Superior+ 0.3293 240.39
Full Throttle 0.3580 261.34


1 Gigabyte storage: EUR0,0002/h which is roughly  EUR 0,146 per month.

Data transfer

1000 GB transfer is included in every account. If you use more than that you will be charged EUR 0,03 per GB.


1 IPv4-adress: EUR1,16 per month
1 IPv6-adress: EUR 0 per month