How we created one of the leading IaaS using KVM and op5

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One of our oldest and most successful partnerships is that with our partner op5. Ever since the dawn of City Cloud they have been by our side and helped us, as we them, to grow our respective businesses. In light of our partnership, and long due, we wrote a success case about how we created one of the leading IAAS in Europe using KVM and op5. In this success story  we elaborate on our choice of running City Cloud on KVM and how we used op5 Monitor to manage and monitor our KVM based environment.

The success case has now been published by Open Virtualization Alliance –  an alliance that support the adoption of open virtualization technologies especially KVM. Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA) supports the ecosystem of third party solutions around KVM and other open source communities that manage development of KVM.


Download the success case

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Authors: Özgür Bal, City Network & Andreas Månsson, op5