New image: Prestashop Virtual Store

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Just recently we added an image with eCommerce software, called Magento. Naturally it wasn’t the only one out there, so this time we are unveiling another one to you.

The image is already available on our App Center, so keep on reading to know the details.


Prestashop is a virtual store software that allows you to easily sell your products online. Through a back-end you can add categories, products, pricing, images and even your store locations.

Prestashop comes packed with a lot of functionality but even so you can extend your options by getting new modules and themes.

Best of all, it´s open source and thus free to download and modify at your will. However, if you need some extra like training or customized modules, you can contact the developers directly at the Prestashop official website.

Image details

This City Cloud image is fully self-contained. This means that it comes with all the components needed to run Prestashop. This includes the web server, PHP support and the database server.

We have decided to use Nginx as the web server giving your server the ability to handles a great deal of connections.

Here are all the versions of the software installed:

  • Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 64-bit
  • Web server: Nginx 1.0.14
  • Database server: MySQL Server 5.5
  • Scripting: PHP 5.3 (FPM)

To make things really easy for you, we’ve setup a basic installation of Prestashop. You can start customizing it immediately or install another one if you want since all the requirements have been met.

You can check the test site by adding a temporary URL to your hosts file:; and then accessing it through your favorite browser. Remember to use a real domain afterwards.

To access the control panel, you can do it through your temporary address: You can then change all the settings you want.

Final comments

As usual, this is just the beginning. The real work begins by adding all of your products into the store, doing continuous customer support, maintaining the site.

Nonetheless, this is a great way to test the waters and begin to make your business grow through an online store.