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We are continuously improving on our commitment towards our users and over the past years we have focused heavily on the technical aspects of City Cloud.

However, all areas of IaaS and the delivery of such a vital part of your business success is important. We have listened to your feedback regarding City Cloud Support and today we are announcing major changes on how we will deliver support in the future.


Some background and context

As we have narrowed down our focus towards our cloud solutions, City Cloud has become the center of all attention from a company standpoint. Streamlining all aspects of our core service has become the number one priority for all Business units and as such we have taken a number of steps to ensure that we are on the right path.

From a business standpoint, this past year has been all about making a number of strategic desicions which all point us in the right direction and towards our company Mission – To enable innovation.

The Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud Programme

We joined Interxion’s Cloud Connect Platform

We got elected into the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors

We aquired hastexo

The launch of our global partner program

One of the largest banks in Sweden chose City Network

Discoveries and solutions

When looking at our support organisation and how our users experience our services we have discovered a number of points to improve. These have been our guiding stars when re-designing your experience with City Cloud Support.

Knowing exactly what you are getting

Improving our processes and making sure that the order of priority is even more clear has been one of our most important tasks. Any user who interacts with us needs to know what to expect, when and how.

Self service

Self service is crutial and improving our tools is another important challenge. By implementing this new take on support and how it’s delivered to our users we will be able to focus even more on improving our self service tools.


Our new support packages

City Cloud support is now available in 3 different packages.

Customer Service

Pre-sales and basic inquiries via e-mail during our business hours. Heavily focused on self-service.

Business Support

Access to technical support for small- and medium sized businesses for assistance with City Cloud Compute, Network and Storage.

Enterprise Support

Access to a dedicated success team for large enterprises covering technical, tactical and operational challenges.

Read more and compare our support packages

Our promise

We are truly invested in the success of our users and will stop at nothing to make sure that we continue to Enable Innovation. As of today, our new support structure and plans will be available for all new customers.


Important information for existing users

Applies to all City Cloud users including users of standalone services (Onlinebackup, CityMonitor, Networking services)


Existing users with no additional or extended support contracts

On 2018-04-27 you will automatically gain access to our free Customer Service Plan. Read more about free Customer Service to see what is included and how you will get in touch with customer service after 2018-04-27.

Existing users subscribed to our On-call service

On 2018-04-27 your on-call service will automatically be upgraded to our Business Support Plan. Until then, your existing terms, contact details and other agreements apply. Please read more about Business Support to see what is included in your new support plan and how you will access technical support after 2018-04-27.

Existing users with advanced support contracts

Our Advanced Support plan changes its name to Enterprise Support. In this process we have also clarified its contents and added a number of improvements. Your existing Advanced Support package will automatically be upgraded to our Enterprise Support Plan on 2018-04-27. Until then, your existing contract and all assigned contacts, terms and other agreements apply. Please read more about Enterprise Support to see what is included in your new support plan.