WordPress image updated

Özgür Bal NEWS-en Leave a Comment

As part of our ongoing process to keep all our images up-to-date, it’s now the turn of one of the newest ones.

We upgraded the WordPress image to include the PHP graphics library by default and while we were at it, also upgrade all of the other components to the latest stable version. Here is a full list for the impatient:

  • WordPress itself upgraded to 3.4.2.
  • Nginx webserver upgraded to version 1.2.3, directly from the official sources.
  • PHP upgraded to 5.3.16.
  • MySQL server upgraded to 5.5.20, which contains a great deal of performance improvements.

Worth mentioning is the fact that this doesn’t affect any current servers that were created from this image so in those cases a manual update must be performed. To avoid confusion we renamed the new image to ”WordPress 3.4.2”.

The image is already available on our App Center for you to provision.