Our heroes received the OpenStack Superuser awards at the Berlin Summit!

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This morning our very own OpenStack super heroes received the OpenStack Superuser award at the OpenStack Summit in Berlin. The awards launched in 2014 to recognize organizations that have used OpenStack to meaningfully improve their business while contributing back to the community. Previous winners include AT&T, CERN, China Mobile, Comcast, NTT Group, Paddy Power Betfair and UKCloud.

This Summit, the OpenStack community and the Superuser editorial advisors chose City Network as the winner of the award and we could not be more proud.

Congratulations to our heroes

Tobias Rydberg
Marcus Murwall
Magnus Bergman
Tobias Johansson
Alexander Roos
Johan Hedberg
Florian Haas
Adolfo Brandes
Joakim Olsson
Emil Sundstedt
Priscila Prado
Erik Johansson
Joel Svensson
Ioannis Karamperis
Namrata Sitlani
Christoffer Carlberg
Daniel Öhberg
Kriss Andsten
Pierre Ronnefalk



Some highlights from our nomination

How has open infrastructure transformed your business?

With emphasis on regulatory compliance and data protection, we are a European leader, promoter and enabler of OpenStack-based compliant cloud solutions. These solutions are tailored for regulatory challenged industries such as banks, insurance companies, healthcare and governments. The pace of innovation within these industries has always been dictated by the heavy demand for control, data protection, auditability and other factors specific to the nature of the information they care for. With our OpenStack-based Compliant Cloud solutions, we prove that some of the largest banks, insurance companies and digital identity management companies in the world can increase their pace of innovation while still being regulatory compliant.


What’s the scale of the OpenStack deployment?

We run our public OpenStack based cloud in eight regions across three continents. All of our data centers are interconnected via private networks. In addition to our public cloud, we provide a pan-European cloud for verticals where regulatory compliance is paramount (e.g. banking and financial services, government, healthcare) addressing all regulatory challenges. Over 2,000 users of our infrastructure-as-a-service solutions run over 25,000 cores in production.

How is this team innovating with open infrastructure?

Our true innovation lies in the fact that we have managed to build a global open-source based cloud solution fit for regulatory challenged enterprises. These are enterprises who haven’t really been able to utilize the true potential of cloud computing until they met us.

An enterprise building their own private cloud because they don’t have a choice is one thing. But unless running a cloud is part of their core business, they are not fully focused on their mission.

A regulatory challenged enterprise who is able to utilize cloud computing on a pay-as-you-go model through a vendor, just like any other organization, is a whole other ball game. That organization can focus 100 percent on their core business and stand a fighting chance in our era of digitization.

Our full nomination can be found here.