Some thoughts from our team attending the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona

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A bunch of us are attending the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona this week and we thought we’d share some stories about our experiences.


Great news for City Network

The day before the official start of the Summit our CEO met with the OpenStack Foundation board of directors to pitch for a Gold membership. Everything went well and during the opening Keynote by Marc Collier, COO of the OpenStack Foundation, we were announced as one of 4 new Foundation Gold members.

At the same time we announced the launch of our 7th OpenStack node for City Cloud which will go live on January 1, 2017. That brings us to a shared 1st place when it comes to most nodes globally along with being the Public OpenStack Cloud with most nodes in Europe.

So all in all it was a fantastic start to this Summit but we have several days left to go. Here are a couple of thoughts from some of the team attending the Summit.

Daniel Gustafsson, VP BU Compliant Cloud

Is has been a fantastic start to the Summit and we are very excited about the recent news that we have been able to announce.

Yesterday I hosted a presentation together with Roger Ewert from the Insurance company Folksam, one of our major clients. Our talk was about the challenges that the company faced when searching for a scalable platform for their platforms and services and how that was catered for by our IaaS for regulated industries.


Tobias Rydberg, Senior Developer

I kicked off the Summit experience with a 2-day training course in the ”Upstream University” which was extremely fun and interesting. A crash course in becoming a contributer to the community of OpenStack.


Continuing into the first official day of the summit, our partner RedHat had an interesting session about using Heat orchestration together with Ansible to automate cloud deployments. The demo was really cool and we believe that the setup that we were shown could be very useful for many of our users when deploying their apps in City Cloud. We will certainly have a closer look at this when we get back and how we can transform this into something that can be easy to understand and use for our customers when designing/redesigning their applications to be ”cloud ready”.

Another interesting session that I have been to was about OpenStack SDKs together with a group of OpenSack contributors. We discussed what was needed to make OpenStack more usable and user friendly for application developers regardless of which programming language they use or what application they are developing.

This is an area which I have a great personal interest in and I believe that this question should be taken seriously by us as providers of Public IaaS. Many of our customers are, in some way, shape or form, application developers and we, as OpenStack enablers, need to make API’s and SDK’s more generic and easier to use if we want to stay relevant for our users. I will certainly bring home a great deal of thoughts about how we could proceed and discuss how we can contribute in this process.

Stay tuned for more reports from our crew attending the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona.