City Network first to launch full virtualization between two datacenters in Sweden

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City Network was the first company in Scandinavia to launch an advanced cloud service for virtual servers and storage back in 2009. Today City Cloud reaches a new mile stone by the launch of a second data center and location in Stockholm. This presents a range of new opportunities when using the Cloud for building critical services that requires additional redundancy. Fully virtualized cloud servers in combination with more locations, and the ability to keep the data in Scandinavia is unique. At the same time a brand new user interface is released to keep the service simple and easy to use despite added functionality.

With the launch of a new data center in Stockholm, users can now launch servers and storage, both in Karlskrona and Stockholm with the touch of a button. Added growth and geographical redundancy, with the same SLA and support, are only a few of the benefits that we now present.

We are really happy to finally being able to show off our new City Cloud node in Stockholm. This launch adds so many aspects and is of course a big deal for many of our customers who realize the importance of having redundancy when building critical services in the cloud. At the same time we take steps towards our own goals of being one of the most innovative and leading hosting companies in Europe. We continue to focus on simplicity, one should not have to be certified to create a virtual server in the cloud. In our industry it´s important to strive towards better, more secure and most importantly innovative solutions and services. The new data center in Stockholm will certainly help us to do just that as we move forward, says Johan Christenson, CEO of City Networ

The possibilities that our new data center in Stockholm presents are many and we have already started to plan for future services and solutions. We are starting to change the way we work to enable our customers to choose from a range of data centers as well as providers around the world to optimize their hosting environments. We are taking the first steps towards managing the technical challenges with distributed storage and computing power says Magnus Bergman, CTO of City Network.

Both new and existing customers can now try our new user interface and benefit from creating servers at two different locations and build highly redundant services in the cloud.

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