Partnership offers safe-haven from Patriot Act

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City Network and Severalnines launch the first fully European ‘Database as a Service’

KARLSKRONA 23-11-2011, City Network, one of the leading cloud hosting providers in Europe, and Severalnines, provider of automation and management software for cloud database platforms, have announced the first fully European Database as a Service (DBaaS) solution – in beta form. The City Cloud Database Service is based and operated by companies in the European Union – offering European customers full compliance with EU data protection laws (EU Directive on Data Protection 95/46/EC) and a safe haven from the reaches of the US Patriot Act.

EU customers can now benefit from the savings and flexibility enabled by cloud-based database services safe in the knowledge that they will not fall under the jurisdiction of the Patriot Act. Under the Patriot Act data from EU users of US-owned cloud-based services can currently be shared with US law enforcement agencies without the need to tell the user.

“A fully managed database service will enable our customers to further reap the benefits of the cloud,” says Johan Christenson, Chairman at City Network. “We believe that a service owned and operated locally in the EU, and fully compliant with EU data protection laws, will be particularly attractive for European companies. US companies with European operations will also benefit from the lower latency of a locally hosted solution.”

“Small start-ups and large corporations are turning to the cloud in a bid to deploy and manage databases with as little overhead as possible – but they need to know their data is secure and that they retain the right and ability to control who accesses it,” says Vinay Joosery, Chief Executive Officer at Severalnines.

The MySQL based City Cloud Database Service enables companies to outsource the configuration and management of their databases and only pay for what they use. Specific benefits include:

  • a web interface for easy provisioning
  • zero maintenance or administration – backups, patch management and replication handling are fully automated
  • performance management – users have visibility of top queries and can drill-down into performance
  • high availability – failures are handled automatically to minimise downtime
  • scalability – users can add more instances at the click of a mouse
  • comprehensive user interface for administering databases; and
  • data import and export functionality to help move MySQL databases within the cloud

The service relies on the Severalnines DataCloud platform, a database automation and management platform that helps companies run flexible databases anywhere, whether on their premises or in the cloud. It is based on City Network’s City Cloud computing platform which allows unlimited growth with a focus on stability, security and redundancy.

City Cloud Database Service is available in beta to all City Cloud customers. Companies can join the trial by emailing The service is available free of charge for the duration of the trial.

About Severalnines

Severalnines provides automation and management software for easily usable, highly available and auto-scalable cloud database platforms. ClusterControl™, the company’s flagship product, used by developers and administrators of all skill levels, addresses the full deploy-manage-monitor-scale cycle. Severalnines has enabled over 7,000 deployments to date via its popular online configurator for clustered MySQL® databases.

With everyone at Severalnines coming from an Open Source background and with a view to supporting other start-up organisation, the company is introducing a start-up program, whereby organisations with less than 10 employees and less than one million Euro in funding will be given free access to its enterprise software for 12 months. For information, just email

To see who is using Severalnines today, please visit our references page.


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