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Yesterday we hosted the first training session in the webinar series City Cloud Master Class!

Tobias Johansson, one of our Cloud Infrastructure Specialists spoke about Cloud and Iaas in general and gave a tour of the basic features in City Cloud.

For those of you that couldn’t make it, here is the replay.

Replay: https://youtu.be/VuJpXql6tnU

Questions answered during the class

Q: why is there no swap?
A: As of now, we have seen better performance in OpenStack when running without swap.

Q: Do you support all the OpenStack modules?
A: We have implemented all the core modules in OpenStack. Things to come is Trove and Magnum.

Q: Hi, when you attach a new volume to a linux server, you still have to mount the disk: don’t you offer any service from the interface to do that?
A: The attached volume is only recognized by the server, it is not mounted. So you would need to log into the server and create a mount point and then mount it yourself.

Q: How do I know which install package is most suitable for my application? Do you have any guides?
A: The packages needed is all dependent on what service you intend to run, and is most likely something that you will have to install and update along the way. The mentioned LEMP or LAMP are just a common expression for the basic needed packages to host a webpage on Nginx or Apache.

Q: If Sweden is my main target. Whats the best choice, Stockholm or Karlskrona?
A: Generally you would choose a data center that is closest to the users. But for redundancy it is recommended to use more than one data center for critical services. The uptime and latency is pretty much the same on Stockholm and Karlskrona however.